One more day of “A People War”

A lady watching photograph at ‘A people war’ photo exhibition
Originally uploaded by Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka.

NayanTara at the exhibition, Kashish Das Shrestha’s picture
Originally uploaded by bhusun.

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Sarangi and gun by Kashish Das Shrestha
Originally uploaded by bhusun.

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“A People War – Photo Exhibition”

has been extended for an extra day due to the overwhelming response received in Kathmandu, states a press statement release by Nepalaya on May 5th.
This means that instead of the exhibition closing on May 5th, it will be on for another day – that is May 6th.

Sixty of the most dramatic images from the pictorial book

“A People War”

have been on display in 10 venues across the country for the past six weeks in a photo exhibition tour. Kathmandu is the last stop and the exhibition has been on for the past week at the Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal.

“This has been an inspirational experience for me, the people’s comments and feedback have added a new dimension to our initiative and made it all worthwhile,” the statement quoted Kunda Dixit, who curated the exhibition and envisioned the book, as saying.


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