Top ten photographs of the “Nature Through Lens 3” a photography exhibition 2007 and winners…

Top ten photographs of the “Nature Through Lens 3” a photography exhibition 2007
Originally uploaded by Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

Take a walk through the wild side at a photography exhibition ‘Nature Through Lens 3’, which was inaugurated at the Nepal Art Council by American Ambassador James F Moriarty on June 15.
Organised by Wildlife Conservation Nepal, there are over 300 photographs on display that were taken by more than 100 amateur photographers. These photographs were submitted for the WCN Third Annual Nature and Wildlife Photography Competition for Amateurs 2007.
Moriarty said, “The photographs will not only bring awareness about the present situation of nature and wild-life, but due to the conservation movement the younger generation will be thankful to the organisation.”
The competition was divided into four categories — Macro, Fauna, Flora and Landscape. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges comprising renowned photographers — Raj Bhai Suwal, Pradeep Shakya, Nripa Dhoj Khadka and Mani Lama. The winners were Vibek Raj Maurya (Grand prize winner), Binod Rai (Landscape), Yatra Thulung (Fauna), Sanjay Lama (Macro) and Ragendra Dev Adhikari (Flora).
The competition not only promotes amateur photographers and nature photography in Nepal but also raises funds for conservation at the local level and supports young researchers to carry out studies in urban wildlife.
The exhibition is on till June 18.

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka


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